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familygroupScotland’s history is that of its people.  Whether your ancestors lived in a cottage or a castle; whether they worked a plough, dug coal from the ground or healed the sick – their stories are part of this country’s rich heritage.  Many left Scotland to work in England, or to travel overseas to start new lives thousands of miles from their birthplace.  But their Scottish roots can still be found – the people and the land that made them are waiting to be discovered.

Heritage Genealogy can help make that happen

Heritage Genealogy offers professional family history research and photographic services from its base in the heart of lowland Scotland.  If you want to trace your ancestors; if you’d like to see where they were born, lived and died; if you’d love to find out just how Scottish your roots are – we can help.

church&graveyardHeritage Genealogy is run by professional genealogist and family historian Elizabeth Irving.  Located within easy reach of archives, libraries and other document repositories throughout central and southern Scotland, we can trace your ancestors in the numerous statutory and unofficial records which they left behind.  Using birth, marriage and death records, Old Parish registers, censuses, wills, court and poor law records, school registers, property and land records, voters’ rolls, old newspapers and many other resources, we can turn a long-forgotten person or a name on a tattered certificate into a vital piece of your family’s history.

If you don’t have the time or are too far away to do your own research, or if you’ve been digging away but have hit a brick wall, we can do the work for you.  We provide in-depth, professional research, resulting in fascinating insights into the lives of your forebears.  All services are provided to your specification, from one crucial nugget of information to a multi-branched family tree.