Standard Family Tree

Following the paternal or maternal line, showing only direct ancestors (grandparents, great-grandparents etc) for four generations, using birth, marriage, death and old parish records.
Includes pedigree chart showing names, dates and places, and a full report with further information such as residence at birth, marriage and death, and occupations.


Premium Family Tree

Showing direct ancestors for four generations and names, birth years and birthplaces of siblings in all generations, using information from birth, marriage, death, Old Parish and census records.
Includes pedigree chart for direct ancestors, showing names, dates and places, and an extensive report detailing family members, including residences and occupations.


Deluxe Family Tree

Showing direct ancestors and siblings for four generations, and a detailed report including transcripts of birth, marriage and death records for all direct ancestors (as available), and transcripts of census entries in which they appear.
Includes pedigree chart as above, and in-depth report with transcriptions.



All reports include a list of sources used, suggestions for further areas of research, and information on the places mentioned.  Any terms used which are not easily understood will be explained (unusual occupations, causes of death, legal or Scots terminology).

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Select A Package

War MemorialThe following services are also available.

Bespoke Packages– whether your want to find out all you can about one particular member of your family, or you’d like a family tree which includes all your ancestors as far back as possible, we can provide a research package to meet your requirements.

Lookups – if a record you need to see is not available to view online, we can look it up for you and send you a transcription.  This may be a record that has not been digitised, such as poor law or court record; or a birth, marriage or death entry which is not online because it falls within a time-barred period.  Birth, Marriage or Death records – £4.50 for lookup and transcription of previously identified record; £7.50 for search and transcription  Other records – prices on application, depending on availability and location of records, and the amount of searching which needs to be done to identify the correct one.

Older Woman

Photographs – if you would like to have a photograph of a family gravestone; the church where your family members worshipped, were baptized or married; the school they attended; or even the area where they lived, we can take the photographs and email them to you.  Prices on application, depending on location and number of photos required.  Gravestone photographs will include a transcription provided the lettering is legible.

House Histories – if you want to know the history of your home, find out when it was built and who owned and lived in it before you did, we can research this for you.  Prices from £200, depending on location and approximate age of house

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